Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bright Light!!

So these are not exactly the most flattering images of my baby but nonetheless pretty hilarious. I don't think he had ever experienced the flash of the camera. As you can tell it was a little bright for his eyes. How funny. I took his picture about 10 times and they all turned out like this. How do you guys all take such perfect pictures of your kids and mine all turn out like this? I guess that will be one of lifes major mysteries for me.
This weekend we had the Davis fam over for a little Saturday night entertainment. I have to say Koen is starting to fit in with the Lynch boys pretty well. He is all boy just like my boys. He loved all the kids toys especially the ball pit. (Note to all of you before getting your own and I forgot to tell you this Jessie it is an excellent toy and my kids love it but be ready to pick up balls constantly if you get one. My kids went through a phase where they would just stand at the top of the stairs and throw all the balls down the stairs. Not that fun for mommy sometimes. Whatever kids will be kids. I am looking to have a not toy covered house sometime in the next decade. Until then please call before you stop by so I can do the 10 min tidy!!LOL!) Anyways the boys played and a good time was had by all. Here are a couple pics of our babies in action.

Koen and Sam playing in the ball pit!!

Looks like they are scheming up a big plan.
We are going to be in big trouble the older they get!!

So things are putting along here!! Nothing too exciting. I can't believe October is here already. It is a sad month for me. My baby is turning 1 this month. I guess it is happy but sad at the same time. I don't know where a year has gone. In the last couple of weeks I have packed up my baby bottles and Sam is walking. That is hard on a momma!! He is saying alot of different words now and can now say dog and bark. Every animal we see he barks at now. He is so funny and such a good baby. Thank goodness for that. Maggie and Connor are both doing well too. Have a good rest of the week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

100 Things about me!!

Ok.. so Jennifer I read your list of 100 things about you today and enjoyed it so much I am thinking up my own. Here we go...

1. I have no life really besides my kids. ( I really don't mind that either. Well most days)

2. My husband says that I am the only person in his life that can really make him mad.

3. I DVR like 20 shows a week. (Keith hates everytime he sits down to watch TV I have something recording.)

4. I do not know how to swim. Doggy paddle is my most sophisticated way to swim.

5. Somedays I feel like an unfit mother.

6. I have a special place in my heart for the elderly.

7. I have 1 best friend in my life I could not live without..

8. I have a little OCD when it comes to certain things in my house.

9. I absolutely love the first snow of the year it is so exciting.

10. I am not good with animals. I am scared to death of most dogs. Especially the little yappy ones.

11. I am still kind of needy to my mother at the age of 27 we talk 5 times a day usually.

12. I don't think I could take my kids to daycare bc noone can take care of them as well as I do.

13. I have only met one person in my life as weird as I am. ( See #7)

14. I am a little scared at night when I am by myself.

15. I am totally scared of these tiny toads that hop in my yard.

16. There was a mouse in the upstairs of my house when we moved in and I didn't go upstairs unless totally necessary for a couple months.

17. I thought breastfeeding was one of the coolest things I ever did.

18. The minutes that my babies were born were the coolest moments of my life. (I want to have 50 kids to just keep having that experience over and over!)

19. I hate putting away the laundry.

20. I have been robbed at gun point.

21. I am totally scared to go in gas stations late at night. (bc of #20)

22. I nearly died when I was pregnant with Connor.

23. I like romance novels that Keiths grandma passes down to me.

24. I am looking for a church to get involved with.

25. I have issues with our John Deere Lawn Mower. (Like perhaps backing it out of the shed )

26. I try to not sweat the small stuff and yet I alway still do.

27. I am a morning person.

28. My husband is not. (That can be an issue.)

29. I want to like tomatoes and just can't .

30. I often wonder if everyone thinks my kids are as cute as I do.

31. Can't run backwards without falling down.

32. I wish I could wear flip-flops year round.

33. Have a tattoo on the top of my right foot. (Chinese symbol for family)

34. Hate when adults wear clothing that has winnie the pooh or other cartoon characters.

35. I am very upset when my husband tells me that the reality show i am watching is scripted.

36. Can not dance to save my life.

37. Would love to shower one day without at least one kid in the bathroom with me.

38. Have to remind my husband at least once a week to quit worrying.

39. Always nervous in public as to what my kids are going to say.

40. Had a 93 pontiac sunbird as my first car. When I took it to the carwash it would get water in the engine and sound like a helicopter.

41. A horse once stood on the top of my foot and one of my toes has been a little curved since then.

42. I graduated college with a 4.0-worked for 2 years as an x-ray tech and decided my kids needed me more than my job did.

43. I love a thunderstorm.

44. I could never be a school teacher. I don't know how they do it.

45. On Christmas Morning I wake up early (like at 4 am )and if my kids aren't up I try to make noise to wake them.

46. I think some of the shows on Disney Channel (like Hannah Montanna) are getting to be to grown up for my 7 year old.

47. I really enjoy dollar general and big lots.

48. My kids pediatrician and I are on a first name basis.

49. I think if you haven't used it for 6 months it should be trash.

50. Hope to do alot of traveling with my hubby when my kids are all grown.

51. Never left my kids for even 2 nights in a row.

52. Wonder why my kids poop doesn't smell nearly as bad as other peoples kids.

53. I think putting my kids to bed and not getting up with them everytime they cried was the best thing I ever did.

54. Love Shawn and Gus on Psych. Makes me laugh like crazy.

55. Think Seinfeld is so annoying. ( I think I may be the only person who feels this way!)

56. I feel like if my kids aren't bleeding they need to shake it off and move on.

57. Buy generic brand of everything possible and get mad at Keith if he buys the brand name. (He says he can't help it if he likes the finer things in life like Kraft cheese and Country Crock butter. LOL)

58. I like Barack Obama. ( Not for any political reasons he just seems like a nice guy)

59. Do not care to swim in any water I can't see what I am swimming with.

60. Hate to water my flowers.

61. Never owned a pair of high heels.

62. I tried an assortment of sports and realized I am not athletic at all.

63. I feel so angry when I am at Wal-Mart and hear people yell at their kids and tell them to shut up.

64. Still don't know after 1 year what light switch turns on what light in our new house.

65. Think my dad is so cute and want to hug him all the time.

66. I think you should treat people the way that you would like to be treated and am trying to teach that to my kids.

67. I am so irritated that I have bought 10 pacifiers since my baby was born but can never find one when I need one.

68. Love wearing hooded sweatshirts. Look forward to cool weather all summer so I can bust them out.

69. I hate going to the dentist.

70. I lived in Terre Haute for 5 years.

71. Feel personally afflicted by the Jon and Kate saga.

72. Drink Diet Coke all day long.

73. Hate to talk in public.

74. Feel deeply disturbed when my kids pee and fart in their bathwater and then drink some out of the rinse cup. (Yet I usually still laugh)

75. Only drove to Indy one time and was scared to death the whole time. Evansville is the farthest I go.

76. I often think of what my 4th child would be like until my husband reminds me that I can keep on dreaming.

77. I always wanted to have all girls. Now I can hardly remember what it was like to have a baby girl and I have found it really doesn't matter when they are yours they are the cutest best thing ever.

78. I watch the ground when I walk in my yard bc I am sure there is going to be a snake down there one of these days.

79. Feel guilty because I don't work when I but Keith a birthday gift with the money he just made.

80. I think it is insanely cute that my son wants to "sleep with his boobies out like his daddy" (he wants to sleep with no shirt on).

81. Sometimes laugh at inappropriate times and things. (OK alot of the time )

82. When I see my friends without kids I am a little embarassed of my mini-van.

83. Feel like sometimes I can't relate to my friends who don't have kids.

84. Often need to take a step back and look at all the good things in my life.

85. Never really realized the value of a dollar until my husband was laid off of his job for 6 weeks.

86. I know I should take Sams pacifier away from him but I can't because it is the only thing that makes him seem like a little baby still.

87. Scared of bees and bugs.

88. Couldn't survive without my in-laws.

89. Wanted to adopt a asian baby girl since I was a little girl.

90. I love playing the piano but haven't had time to do that in years.

91. I would like to drink coffee every morning but can't because my kids love it too.

92. When I am really proud of a meal I cook my husband sometimes makes comments like that was good but how does my grandma make it. (LOL)

93. My house normally looks like a toy bomb went off in it but it is clean.

94. I once tried to drive a moped and made it out of the driveway and straight into the ditch across the driveway. ( I have a similar 4 wheeler story.)

95. When I got married I got married for life.

96. I am looking for a high school girl to babysit for me so maybe I could go on a date with my husband someday. (any suggestions?)

97. I feel like the longer that I have been out of school the dumber I have got. I sometimes have to really think to help mag with her second grade homework.

98. I am just really getting the hang of this computer thing.

99. I have a TV in my kitchen so I can watch Ellen everyday while I cook supper.

100. I feel like I am the luckiest peson in the world and so blessed in so many ways.

Wow. That has taken me a couple days to come up with all this stuff. But I really enjoyed doing it. So I am going to follow Jen's lead and say hear is a hundred things about me and I can't wait to hear a hundred about you. Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a Weekend!!

All the grandkids at grandma and grandpas house pre-carshow. Notice my son is the one in the middle who looks like Elton John! LOL!!
My kids pre car show. It is almost impossible to get them to all look at the same time. We go with the best out of the 20 I shoot as quickly as possible. This was the winner.

Look at my little co-pilot

The big city!!!

Keep your eyes on the sky Mag!!

This weekend we went down to the airport for the open house. The kids were so excited to see all the airplanes up close. We drive to the airport virtually every day to try to see one. We have occasionally seen one taking off but it was really cool to be able to look inside of a few of them. Keith took Mag and Connor on a plane ride. I was afraid Connor would be scared but that was not the case. He has been talking about it since then. He loved it. (Obviously Sam was to little to go so I stayed back with him. Keith was in charge of the camera in the plane and didn't take any pics of Connor. Definetly can't trust a man to be in charge of the camera.) Anyways a good time was had by all.

That evening we watched the car show down at my parents. It is always a fun time. I thought that Connor would love the cars but all he really cared about was the candy. It was about to give me a heart attack thinking the kids were going to go after some candy and run in the road. We really enjoyed it though.
Everything is going ok here so far this week. Sam is walking all over the place now. He is a maniac. Climbing on the coffee table and couch and if you aren't looking when he is ready to get down he just bails. We have got to work on getting off of things. I took Keiths grandma to the doctor yesterday and got some good news. She has an infection which is treatable with an antibiotic that could have been causing alot of her confusion. So hopefully in a few days she will be feeling and acting alot better. (Keep your fingers crossed that this works!) Anyways that is what has been going on here. Have a good one everyone.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Enjoying the outdoors!!

Finally my favorite time of year is here!!! I love the fall. The weather has just been awesome lately and since Keith has been working second shift the I have been taking the kids out to play every night as much as I can. (I want them to be worn out as much as possible by bedtime.) We are borrowing Keiths moms mule at the moment and holding it hostage for a while. It has been so fun to take the kids for a ride down to the airport and look at the airplanes. We have even lucked out and gone down to the airport just in time to see a plane take off a couple of times. Connor is becoming obsessed with airplanes now too. Playing outside with the boys can be exhausting. Sam isn't a full time walker yet and wants to get down and crawl in the yard and goes straight for the rocks in the driveway. He thinks they are pretty tasty which is a bit of a problem. Anyways I went and bought some mums today. I love to put them out each year. Now if I could ever just find the time to water all of them.
Today is Keiths last day on 2nd shift for 2 weeks now he will be on days and then he will go back to the second shift. It hasn't been to bad of an adjustment and it has been nice to have him home in the day time. Today we went down to see the animals there by Jay-C. It kind of made me nervous that there was a huge tiger in a cage about 5 feet from my babies but we made it out without being eaten. LOL> The kids loved it.
I am really looking forward to the car show tommorrow. My sisters husband is a car clubber and we alway get the kids car club T-shirts and they always look so cute dressed in their shirts alike. We are having our friends from Terre Haute in for the day and really looking forward to that as well. They are also having an open house at the airport so we are taking the kids down there. Connor will love to get to see a plane up close. What a lot to look forward to. How come everything has to happen in one weekend. Now we won't have anything to do for the next month after this. LOL! Anyways that is my story and I am sticking to it. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Serious Decisions Ahead

Keith and I are the caretakers for his 5months shy of 90 year old grandma and 87 year old grandpa. They had 2 children of their own. They had a daughter named Connie who died when she was 16 of leukemia and Keith's dad who died in a tragic out of nowhere accident at the age of 48. (what a rough life. You should never out live both of your children.) Anyways that leaves Keith and I to care for them. To this point they have never really required a whole lot of care and have been kind of more like second parents to us rather than grandparents. I always joke and say some day we are going to have to find some friends our own age but to tell you the truth we have always just really enjoyed their company. Grandma has several major health issues congestive heart failure, failing kidneys, and several other smaller issues but they until a couple months ago have been more active than what me and Keith even are. They would just decide to go to Evansville on a whim and do some shopping it is just amazing. You would never have guessed their real ages. Well something has changed and it seems to be getting worse all of the sudden. This week alone grandma has fallen down 3 times. She went to bed for a couple hours the other night and woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was morning and started making breakfast for grandpa ( I told her she was just like Dennys serving breakfast all night long- made her chuckle). These are things that are just so unlike her. Anyways it is so frightening. She is just looking so frail and weak and acting so confused at times. Grandpa is got some Alzheimers. Not terribly severe but enough to make you nervous about him driving around by himself. So I am beginning to wonder what the right thing to do with them is. They are proud people and don't really think they need help. Before long I am thinking I am going to have to find them someone to come in and help them though. Ugh. It is just worrying me to death. I hope we can make all these big decisions in a way that will appease them. Please keep our family in your prayers as we go through these next few months. Maybe she will bounce back from this episode but her health just seems to be declining.
On a brighter note...
My children are all still crazy. Sam is doing more and more walking every day. He isn't a full time walker yet but he is getting closer everyday. He has had only 1 bottle in 3 days so I guess we are about done with that. I am so tired of washing bottles and buying formula but I am not ready for him to be a big boy yet. (I am not in a hurry for him to get off the bottle but he does not like it anymore. He wants a big boy cup like Connor uses)
Connor didn't embarass me today (but I am pretty sure that is just because I didn't take him in public LOL) That makes for a good day for him and he has his own vaccum now so he is in heaven. Since he has ruined our old one we just decided it could be his own personal one. We are changing out the knob on our coat closet when we get a new one so he can't ruin it !!!
My Maggie girl is the sweetest thing you have ever seen.. Literally she is the most caring and compassionate kid ever. She told Keiths grandma tonight with tears in her eyes grandma please try not to fall down anymore you are really scaring me. She just melts my heart how much love she has to give. (Although she says Connor just drives her crazy!! LOL!!)
Anyways this blogging is like free therapy (LOL)why did I not start this sooner. It is a great outlet. That is my story for the day. Take care.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In the market for a new vacuum!!

So my day today has been insane...
Let's start with explaining that connor my middle man has a vacuum obsession. Well first things first when he wakes up he wants to sweep and weed eat (he thinks the hose attachment is a weed eater lol). Anyways I got out the vacuum and he wanted me to sweep and it needed it so I turn on the vacuum and a terrible noise is coming out of the sweeper along with some smoke. Lovely!! When Keith took it apart their was 3 dollars worth of change he had put into the sweeper. He found a hole in the back of it and apparently thought it was a slot machine. Needless to say the motor is smoked and we are in the market for a new vacuum.

Then we decided to drop in to Keith's moms work and say hi because we were next door and don't ever stop by.. We thought it might be nice for her to get to show off the kids. Well my usually bashful boy not so bashful today. He was showing off like crazy which would have been cute but what he was saying at the top of his lungs was my weiner and pointing to the appropriate area. How embarassing. Then dancing and saying shaking the booty. When everyone was done laughing we ducked out the back door. Doubt we get invited back there anytime soon. It was good for a laugh. Where do these kids here this stuff anyways? LOL!!

After that fiasco thought I would do a little baking. Bad idea. Large projects 2 little boys never a great idea. Broke my favorite bowl at supper time spilt the green beans all over the floor and sams baby food in the carpet. It has just been one of those days when you just feel off. Like you are doomed for destruction. LOL!! Sorry about my previous post I was trying to type and sam hit the computer and posted for me. Take care everyone.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sundays (not exactly a day of rest)

So today has been an eventful day for us!! Sam had his first horseback ride which he loved. Connor and Maggie of course had to have their turns as well. I am not an animal lover by any means and this whole thing really makes me nervous but grandpa has been doing this his whole life and has it under control. He is really hoping to make a cowboy out of at least one of the kids. As long as it doesn't require me shoveling poop and they are safe I can deal with it. I guess time will tell!!


Sam can now climb into the bath tub by himself and is in it anytime he gets the chance!!

This is just a little morning goofing around up in Maggies room.

Anyways this is what has been going on here. What a day!! Have a good Monday everyone.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to be technological

Well.... I decided since I have been being nosy and looking at everyone elses blogs for so long it was time to start my own. It has taken me 2 days now to get to this point. I am still proud of myself for making it this far. I have never been really great with a computer and my husband shakes his head at me everytime I have to ask him 20 questions about every simple thing I am doing. Anyways I will master this.
Life is treating us pretty well at this point in time. My husband got laid off of his job this summer and it took about 6 weeks for him to get a new one but he is gainfully employed now. That is a blessing. You really realize all the things that you take for granted in a situation like that. The kids are all just growing like weeds. Maggie is 7 now with legs that look like they are 10 feet long. I know she has to grow up but sometimes I really wish I could just freeze time right where it is. Connor is 2 and 1/2 and is going through a wiggles obsession right now. We really don't know why we pay for satellite to watch wiggles all the time. But to hear him sing a wiggles song is the cutest thing ever. Sam is 10 mths old. He is taking 4 or 5 steps at a time now. It makes me so sad to think that he is getting so big. Keith says that this has to be our last baby so I was kind of hoping that he would stay a baby for a little longer. I don't really know that I myself want anymore babies but I just think it is so sad to think that this era in our life will be coming to an end. We are excited at the prospect though of maybe having a little bit of a life someday when the kids get bigger. We probably won't even know what to do by then because this is all we have known for so long. Anyways it is a crazy life but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Anyways everyone have a good weekend. I am still working to add more pics and get my blog a little more exciting.