Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Extraordinary Life!!

As you all probably now already Monday night we lost a very special lady. At the age of 90 Keith's grandma went to be with her babies and our Lord. She had lost both of her children a daughter at the age of 16 and her son at the age of 48. She was a one of a kind lady. She never once missed a program the kids had, a birthday party, a dance recital.... They were there for everything every step of our lives. If we were contemplating a new house, a job change, anything at all we have always called to get her input. She was a classy lady. Always up with the times. She recently told me the next time I went to Evansville to pick her up an outfit like the one I had on. Skinny jeans and Boots with a long sweater. I used to tease her and tell her I hoped I could be a hottie like her when I turned 90. I will miss her laugh and her constant worry about us and how her face lit up when she saw the kids. Her dr told her not to long ago that she was 90 and she needed to be realistic about the fact that she probably didn't have that long to live and her reply was well I can't die. I have to live for my kids. (Meaning us and my kids.) We have had so many good times and memories. This last year has been really tough trying to keep up with the demands of caring for her but I would do it again and again. I just feel such an emptiness right now without her. I know it will get better with time. I just wish I could pick up the phone and hear her voice. I know that she is in a better place and I will find peace in that. We put some pics together of her and Gills made them into a video that you can look at on their website. Check it out at click on the tribute video link that is with her obituary. Thanks for all of the support you have given us. I couldn't make it without all of you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

I love snow!! It is so beautiful. I open the blinds on all my windows so no matter what room I am in I can see it falling. Do I love driving in it? Not really but it gives me a good excuse to stay home and not have to go out. I have in the past taken the kids out to play in the snow and it has never been what I would call a really good time. Yesterday I was feeling ambitious and after baking 2 cakes in our new Easy Bake oven we decided to venture out. After a half an hour of putting a million layers of clothes on each child I put on Keiths snow suit and we were on our way. My kids were in absolute heaven. They had the time of their lives out there. It was a time as a mother where for just a short time everything in the world just seemed right. Like nothing else matters but the sounds of their laughter and the joy on each of their faces. We made snow angels, a pathetic snowman, jumped on the trampoline, and went down their snowy slide. Then we came in for our traditional after snow cup of coffee. I have mentioned it before I think-my kids love coffee!! They are on a cup a week limit! Anyways it was a good time. Here are the pics to prove it!!

Thats what's happening here. I have alot of catching up to do since my last post was in Sept. so bring on the snow. I would be more than happy to sit here in my warm blanket and type!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mag's Day Out

This past weekend Keith and I took Maggie to Louisville to stay with Keith's cousin Amber (which Maggie loved more than anything) and have a litle special time with only her. When we got to Louisville we dropped our stuff off at Ambers house and went to the nail place to get a pedicure. We of course left Daddy at Amber's. He was fine to sit this part out. Haha. After a nice and much needed pedicure we left to go to see the Louisville Bats play at Slugger Field. I didn't know how much Mag would enjoy this bc sports have never really been her thing but it was awesome. It was very kid friendly and fun. (Minus the fact my husband was in line at the concession stand until the 7th inning. I am not exaggerating either.) After the game they had fireworks bc it was one of the last games of the season. Maggie really enjoyed that. We went to bed got up the next day and headed to the mall. At Maggie's request of course. We headed home after that. It was a quick trip but a good one. I just always wish we had more time. It seems like when you go somewhere and are having fun the trip is over in a flash. Here are a few pics of our trip. Keith's Aunt Shannon and Mag
Amber and her daughter Taylor and Mag and I

Mag and her daddy

Maggie loves Cotton Candy. (Actually she loves everything!! Lol. But this really is one of her favorite treats.)

Maybe one of these days she could learn to eat it without making a huge mess.

We had to park a million miles away from Slugger field and walk so I took that opportunity to take a ton of pics of Maggie. I thought they turned out sooo cute.

Maggie told us she loved us about 10 times while we were gone. She even told us she appreciated us taking her on a trip. That made it all so worth it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mag Happenings!!

So many times I feel guilty now thinking that Maggie is getting left out. She is so big and independent and the boys are so little and needy. Maggie is at school all day and then comes home and we do homework and she goes and plays Barbies or watches TV till supper and before you know it the night is over and its off to school again. This weekend we are taking her on a special trip to Louisville. Just Maggie, Daddy, and I. We have family there we are spending the night with and the boys are staying with grandma Cathy. We are going to get Manicures and Pedicures with Amber (Keiths cousin) and then we are going to a baseball game and maybe to the Louisville Science Center. Anyways she is pumped for some one on one time and I can't wait to take her. She was five when Connor was born and so we had a lot of one on one time with her for those 5 years and we took her everywhere and did special things all the time with her. We are due now for some special time again. She is getting so big and I am so proud of her. Here are a few recent pics of her.
At the Petersburg Splash Park a couple weeks ago. Why can't I look like that in my bathing suit?? Lol.

Here she is cheering at the game. She loves cheerleading.

This is her first day of school this year. Can you believe she is in the 3rd grade already? Time flies. We were just watching home videos of when she was a baby the other day and I can hardly remember her as a baby. It seems like so long ago.
I have found lately I enjoy blogging if I only post a couple pics at a time. Then it doesn't take nearly as long and I have more things to blog about. I think this maybe my third post this week. I am on a roll!! I want to have my blog made into a keepsake book. Have any of you done that? How do you go about it?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!!

So 9 years ago today I tied the knot with this handsome guy! Can you believe I have been married 9 years already. Time has really gotten away from me. It seems like only yesterday he asked me to marry me him. We had our wedding planned for June 2002. I started eating raw onions and an assortment of other disgusting things and my mom said you have to be pregnant. She went to walmart got the tests and sure enough I was. My mom, dad, and sister were giggling like little school girls and I cried. Needless to say we were married September 1, 2001. Maggie came into this world in March of 2002. Keith will ask me every so often did you ever think your life would turn out like this? 2 more kids, a home of our own, a stinky dog, great in-laws who could ask for more. I am so blessed in so many ways. It has turned out even better than I could have ever asked for.
So what are we doing on this special day? Not a thing! I am taking Keiths grandparents to the dr and Keith is working late. Awesome. That part I may have envisioned a little differently. Lol. But our life is busy and crazy and their is little us time. So maybe next year. I am thinking for our 10 year we will take a trip somewhere. Maybe Hawaii or Jamaica. A big trip like we have never taken bc we have as I just made public had kids since only a few months after we got married. The thought of a week long trip is giving me anxiety already. Maybe if I start planning now by next year I won't feel so nervous about it. Any ideas on a good 10 year anniversary destination?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mans Best Friend

So a few months ago we went to Oerschlins to get some flowers and they had the most incredibly cute dog we had ever seen there. So of course I don't even think I got any flowers but we did end up bringing this dog home. He has become Connors best friend. Connor has to go outside 20 times a day to check on him and pet him. He sleeps in the garage and stays in the yard (minus going to my neighbor shelley's house occasionally and eating her cat food). So all in all he is a pretty good boy. (Minus chewing up everything he comes in contact with. Including the seat on our golf cart and some Reebok flip flops that don't belong to us. Hopefully none of you are missing any. Hehe. I guess that is part of him being a puppy.) This is the first dog we have ever had and I am not a dog person (at all). But he has become part of the family. My friend Beth has taken over the Animal Control for Washington and she was telling me about how they have to put down all the dogs that don't find homes. That just makes me sick. Just think if we wouldn't have adopted Raylin he would be there in that situation. Yuck. Next time you get the itch for a dog adopt one. There are so many that need good homes. Maybe I will even get a second one someday. Doubtful but maybe. First I have to replace everything in the garage that this one has chewed up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Success!!

Last week we were brave and took our children on vacation. We went to Gatlinburg with my parents, sister, and her family. I was a nervous wreck thinking of being in the car with the kids for 7 hours. Surprisingly it went incredibly well. I don't think we had a single melt down in the car. Somehow we ended up 20 minutes in front of everyone else on the way so we stopped at a church parking lot and let the kids run around for a while.

It felt awesome to get out and stretch our legs but not that awesome that it was 100 degrees! We were sweating to death. We meet up with our crew and ate lunch and continued on our way. It was such a nice and calm ride. I would have never dreamed it would have gone that easily.
First thing we did was go to the aquarium. Here are a few pics of that.

This is in our cabin one morning before we went out. Sam loves coffee (Actually all of my kids do. For this reason I never make it except for a special treat!!)

The whole gang together. I wonder if we will ever get a pic of all of them together and looking. Maybe in a few more years.

This was the view from the deck on our cabin. Pretty yes- Scary absolutely!! I went into serious panic mode when I took my kids out there the first time. They were not allowed on the deck without an adult ever.

This was at wonder works. Mag kept trying and after a couple attempts she made it to the top. I was so proud of her.

Sam absolutely loved to run on this piano.

Connor and Jack wanted to go to a dinosaur museum and Maggie and Luke wanted to go to this Titanic place so we ended up taking the little boys to the dinosaur place. It was awesome. We were the only ones there so we went thru it like 5 times and took our time. Dont they look cute in their safari hats??

I on the other hand- not that cute in the safari hat!! Lol!

After the dinosaur place we took the boys on a helicopter ride. It was short and sweet but still pretty cool for the boys to say they got to ride in a helicopter.

Connor as the helicopter was going up!! Looking a little scared at first but he ended up really liking it.

At 2:30 in the morning the night before we left I got up to use the bathroom and found this guy right next to the toilet. I killed it and then tried to go back to bed. I couldn't sleep all night thinking one of them was going to get in my covers. That was my first and hopefully last Scorpion experience. Yuck.

That is the highlights from our trip. Can't wait to plan a trip for next year.