Friday, September 10, 2010

Mag's Day Out

This past weekend Keith and I took Maggie to Louisville to stay with Keith's cousin Amber (which Maggie loved more than anything) and have a litle special time with only her. When we got to Louisville we dropped our stuff off at Ambers house and went to the nail place to get a pedicure. We of course left Daddy at Amber's. He was fine to sit this part out. Haha. After a nice and much needed pedicure we left to go to see the Louisville Bats play at Slugger Field. I didn't know how much Mag would enjoy this bc sports have never really been her thing but it was awesome. It was very kid friendly and fun. (Minus the fact my husband was in line at the concession stand until the 7th inning. I am not exaggerating either.) After the game they had fireworks bc it was one of the last games of the season. Maggie really enjoyed that. We went to bed got up the next day and headed to the mall. At Maggie's request of course. We headed home after that. It was a quick trip but a good one. I just always wish we had more time. It seems like when you go somewhere and are having fun the trip is over in a flash. Here are a few pics of our trip. Keith's Aunt Shannon and Mag
Amber and her daughter Taylor and Mag and I

Mag and her daddy

Maggie loves Cotton Candy. (Actually she loves everything!! Lol. But this really is one of her favorite treats.)

Maybe one of these days she could learn to eat it without making a huge mess.

We had to park a million miles away from Slugger field and walk so I took that opportunity to take a ton of pics of Maggie. I thought they turned out sooo cute.

Maggie told us she loved us about 10 times while we were gone. She even told us she appreciated us taking her on a trip. That made it all so worth it.


  1. What a sweet, beautiful young girl. We ran into her at Kohls w/ your mom the other day and she talked to me like we've always known each other. The next day when I walked up to the Davis' she totally recognized me and walked up to say hello. It was really sweet. You've raised her right

  2. So Fun! That picture of her with the cotton candy is hilarious...nake sure you keep that one for blackmail when she is older!

    PS I am a huge iCarly fan!