Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So we have been having so much fun in this nice weather. Here are a few pics of what we have been doing. Sam saw this basketball at our neighbor Shelley's house and confiscated it. He loves to play ball now. Thank you Shelley for letting us borrow your ball. (Or I guess I should say not being mad when we called to tell you we stole it. Hehe.)

I can't believe how much change a year can make. Last year Connor couldn't drive the fire truck at all and now he is a pro. I am so glad he takes Sam for rides. I can then relax and sit on the porch and watch them for a minute instead of chasing them. We have had to Bungee (sp) cord the two of them in bc we learned the hard way a couple times that Sam doesn't hold on very tight while he's riding. But thanks to daddy we have ourselves a make-shift seat belt.

Sam has recently discovered Maggies baby dolls. This one particular baby makes a sucking sound when you put it's paci in it's mouth and cries when you take it out. He thinks that is sooo funny.

In case you were wondering yes we do also have a daughter but at 8 it's like she has a life of her own now. I can't say I am particularly fond of it but she gets home from school and plays Barbies in her room or goes to the neighbor and plays. This growing up and being independent thing is hard for a momma. I feel like we never have a good photo op moment. I am going to work on that though.
We are getting geared up for a party weekend. Maggie is going to our neighbors birthday party on Friday and she's having her own party Saturday and we are having a party for Keith's grandma on Sunday so be ready for some more pics. Hope all is well for all of you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So things here have been pretty crazy lately...

Not long after my last post I got sick. Which never happens bc moms don't get sick. They just can't bc there is no time for that. Anyways I ran out to the quick care and they said I had an ear infection and a sinus infection. I finished my antibiotic a few days ago and now guess what it is back. I can't hear at all and I have just a low grade fever. Just enough to make you not feel well. My kids are still running around like crazy so I had better get over this real quick bc it's no fun. Sam and Connor have been sick too. Sam was coughing and really snotty so I was going to take him to the dr so I just had them look at Connor to bc he had been coughing some as well. Connor had a double ear infection and sore throat and Sam had an ear infection and sore throat and a wheeze in his chest. They ended up with like 6 prescriptions between the 2 of them. I hope Spring puts an end to all of this.

As far as my job interview goes I think it went pretty well. I don't know if it is really going to be a job that I am interested in though. The job is for an X-ray tech which is what I went to school for but another part of this job is drawing blood for all the lab test that they do there. I don't know if I would really want to do that. Its one thing if its an adult but I don't know if I would want to have to do it to little kids. It just makes me nervous. I guess if I was properly trained it would be ok but yuck! The hours are really long and you are the only one there doing all the xrays and lab work. It just sounds really busy to me. On a happy note though I did find a babysitter. She is an older lady who cooks for Keith's grandparents. She has been coming over at least once a week and spending a couple hours with the kids so I can go out and do the things I need to do without the kids. It has been so nice. I am thinking who needs a job. I will just hire this lady to come over and I will go out and spend my husbands money. That sounds like alot more fun to me. Lol. We'll see what happens. They haven't offered me the job yet. Maybe they won't.

We have entered birthday season. We just celebrated my moms, my sisters, and my brother in law over the last couple weeks. Keiths moms is Friday. Keith's two grandmas are the 21st and 22nd (His grandma Helen will be 90 on the 21st). Mag's is the 23 and Connor's is the 28th. So starting next week we will be having some birthday parties. I love a party but they can be exhasuting. The preparation and clean up can be a killer. I am having a party for Grandma Helen bc she is going to be 90. I think that is something to be celebrated. Wish me luck.

Anyways I will post some new pics of our recent happenings soon. Hope you are all doing well and having a good week.