Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Catch-Up

I am struggling with the fact that summer is almost over. Am I ready to be done with 100 degree heat? Totally!! But at the same time am I ready for school to be starting again? Not really. I can't believe Maggie is about to start 3rd grade and Connor is going to pre-school already. I am a little nervous about him going. Hopefully he will like it. I guess we shall see. Here are a few pictures of our summer happenings.
This is my dad. How cute is he???
For some reason all of my pictures seem to have at least one naked little boy in them. They go outside dressed but it seems like one of them is naked and playing in the hose all the time. Oh well there is nothing cuter than a naked baby booty:)

Maggie and my niece Brooke.

Mags at the Splash park.

Maggie joined the YMCA dolphins this year. She loves to swim and she has improved so much since the beginning of the season. She won the most improved swimmer and she was so proud of herself. It has been so good for her. This is her before her last meet.

Keith and Connor at the Splash Park/City Pool.

4th of July at my mom and dads house. They are building a new house so this was our last year to celebrate at their house and watch the fireworks from the park. It will be so sad for them to move out of the house we grew up in but they are so excited about their new house and it is going to be so nice. I will have to post some pics.

Sam and his Pappy.

Connor getting a haircut at Uncle Dennis' Barber Shop before Emily and Joel Thompsons wedding. He was the ring bearer in their wedding. Well sort of. My husband had to hold his hand and walk with him. He was so terribly handsome it didn't even matter. Hehe.

We have done a ton of jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it. What a great way to cool off and have fun. My kids love it. Here they are with my sisters kids.

Connor and my nephew Jack posing for a quick pic.
Well that is only a fraction of what has been happening here but it's a good start. Life has kept me way to busy to think about doing much blogging lately. Maybe having 2 boys 18 months apart wasn't the greatest idea. Lol. I wouldn't change it for the world but it does make life twice as crazy as it was before they were here. We are going to Gatlinburg in a couple weeks with my sister and her fam and my parents. This will be our first real vacation as the parents of 3 kids so wish us luck. The kids are really excited and the boys are positive they are going to see a bear. Lol. Hope you are all doing well and hopefully now that summer is over things will calm a little and I will be able to get back on the blogging bandwagon.