Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lynch-McCain Photo Shoot

So this summer my friend Lindsay and I decided that we didn't have nearly enough pictures of ourselves together. After being best friends for a decade and then some we hardly have any pictures of ourselves together. So Lindsay's sister Samantha is starting to do some photography for people so we called her up and she came to our house and took some pictures of our families together. Here are a just a few I wanted to share. (These were taken the end of October and I had misplaced the disk and I just found it the other day. Praise the Lord for letting me find it) Maggie and Hannah
This is the whole group of kids. Maggie, Sam, Connor, Nolan, Hannah, and Will.

I am pretty sure our husbands were acting like they were peeing. They aren't right and they never have been but they are sure good for a laugh. The rest don't need any explanation.

So anyways these are our bestfriends the McCains. The people we wouldn't make it without. Hope you are all having a good week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

So I don't know what Laundry work is like at all of your houses but it looks a little something like this at mine. ( Although normally it is done with pants on. Lol)

While I had my camera out at lunch today I took a couple shots of Sam who is now saying cheese as soon as he sees the camera. How funny is he?

This shirt explains him to a T right now. He is getting to be such a big guy. What happened to my baby boy?

On another happy note my big boy Connor is dang near potty trained. Praise the good lord. He is going like a champ now and I am soooo thrilled to think that I am only buying diapers for one child now. Thank god for small miracles. I didn't think the day would ever come. Keith also started his new job at work. He is the man when it comes to this active mine system they are installing. (It will allow every miner to be tracked at all times.) He is excited to not be a mechanic anymore (the thought of him doing that job just doesn't seem right anyway). I am just glad that he won't be underground mining all the time (and that he didn't get greased the other night). Anyways that is our new news here. Happy Monday.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sam's 1st Haircut!

The time had come for my little man to get his first haircut. His hair had become beyond unmanageable. I just hated to do it because I didn't want him to look like a big boy yet. My best friend Lindsay is alot better with hair than I am so I called her up and she got the job done. There was no screaming and crying which was a major bonus. I would call it a success and the finished product is sooo cute. Here is a photo recap of the big event.
This is Sam pre-haircut.

Here he is post haircut.

These next ones I just threw in because I thought they were too cute to keep to myself. Check out Connors hat he is wearing with his Christmas pjs. He looks like a little elf. Lol..

I know I am completely biased but isn't she the most beautiful little girl you have ever seen??

Anyways that is the highlight of the last couple of days at the Lynch household. Have a good weekend all.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photo Editing

Today I tried something new- editing photos on a website I had heard about. Here is the finished product!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Wondering....

So I am just sitting here today bored as I could possibly be. Both boys asleep and Maggie is watching TV and I have almost got my house suitably clean. I even washed one set of curtains which I have never in my life done. But as I am sitting here I am pondering some of lifes greatest mysteries.

#1 Why is when 1 kid gets sick they all do? I was just bragging about how none of them had been sick (really sick for a while) and then it hit. It hit hard core. Mag and Connor with the stomach flu and Sam with fever, bronchitis, throat and sinus infections. Mag and Connor are good to go now but Sam is still fairly poor feeling but getting better as the days go by. My real mystery surrounding this is why does it never happen when Keith is off work. He was off work for 4 days two weeks in a row and all was well and as soon as he goes back it hits.\

#2 Why is it that if my daughter falls asleep for 10 minutes she will stay awake till midnight? I am sitting here watching her watch TV and looking really sleepy I keep reminding her do not fall asleep because you are not staying up all night tonight. 5 min reenergizes her for the night and she has been like that since she was a baby.

#3 Why do I feel motherly towards my husband? Almost like I want to protect this 6 foot 4 200lb man. The guys he works with told him if he didn't bring supper into work tonight they were going to grease him. I am not entirely sure what that means but it doesn't sound all that pleasant. He said he is not spending 100 dollars on food for these guys so he will take it if it comes. To each there own. I would have brought the stupid supper. Hopefully they were just joking but I am pretty sure my husband works with some colorful characters. Anyways hoping he is having a good night at work and doesn't come home black as night.

#4 What has happened to TV? There is nothing good on and nothing that I like to watch is really appropriate to watch with my kids bc of language and other questionable content. Regular cable is getting racier all the time.

#5 Why when my son pees in the potty does he never hit the potty? Potty training a boy is a lot different than a girl.

#6 How cool is it that Stephanie Tanner on Full House is wearing an outfit that I had as a kid ? (Well I am pretty sure it was hand me downed from my sister but I did wear it) Who would have thought that Danny Tanner shopped at Wal-Mart. At least Full House is one show we both enjoy together.

#7 Why do we not have a four wheel drive vehicle now that we live out in the country?

#8 Why does my youngest son think his favorite birthday toy the ball popper (this toy that blows balls out the top) is a storage place for everything he doesn't know what to do with? Right now it doesn't blow any balls out because it is housing a old honey bun, an ornament, and a bottle of infants tylenol. (Which I need to be giving him right now) Daddy needs to get a screw driver and take it apart and clean it out and get it back in working order.

#9 Why did my daughters friends at school have to tell her that they think hot dogs are made from pigs bottoms and now she won't eat them. I was totally going to feed my kids a hot dog for supper but that killed that idea for me.

#10 Why is it that my husband will not change the belt in my van that squeals so loud when I start it. How embarassing. My kids are in the car covering there ears until it gets warm enough and stops and I am pretty sure the other morning my neighbor came out to see if we were ok. It is so loud. He says its nothing to worry about and apparently he isn't worried and it really is just worse when it is cold but driving the ghetto mobile is getting old. If you see him tell him to throw me a bone and get to fixin. LOL!

Anyways hope you are all pondering issues as big and important as I am today. LOL! Enjoy your snow day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas, New years, etc......

Man how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was finishing up my Christmas shopping and waiting for Santa to come. Now that is all over and done with. Santa came to our house and brought the kids all kinds of new things. They don't need any more toys. Next year remind me to not buy them as much junk they don't need. We are literally still finding places for all the stuff they got.
. Thank god at least we have a bigger house now. The basement is a life saver.
Here is a little picture run down of our last couple of weeks. This is Connor wearing his boy pants. (Well the rest of the world may call them underwear but at our house they are called boy pants.) I am not buying that boy anymore diapers so he is wearing underwear and we change several pairs a day usually but he is doing really well with it. How nice it will be soon to only have 1 boy in diapers.
Sam and Maggie eating breakfast Christmas morning. Sam says cheese now when he sees the camera so every pic taken of him looks exactly like this but it is hilarious.

Maggie and Connor

Maggie got a new baby bed for Christmas from her grandma Cathy here she is enjoying it.

How handsome is this guy??

Isn't this Mags so cute. I thought she looked so pretty Christmas morning. We borrowed her Grandma Cathy's hot rollers and fixed her hair. She thought she was hot stuff.

Look at the one thing Sam got for Christmas that he liked. A dog that barks and it's tail wags. He would have definetly been happier playing with the boxes and torn up wrapping paper.

We got a Wii for Christmas. Look at how surprised Mags was to see it.

Quick photo shot before I let her rip in to the gifts.

Look at the crazy hair he woke up with. I don't think it has ever stuck out like that but it made for some good pics. Haha.
Anyways that is a brief wrap up of our Christmas. It was so nice and went so fast. The kids get so worn out because we run around so much all the time over the holidays it makes it tough. But we had no completely terrible outbursts or anything like my last post so that makes the holidays a success to me. Lol!!
New Years Eve we entertained Keiths family for the evening. Had food and played wii games. It was a good time. I don't think I have stayed up till midnight in a long time. We were up till 2 (including Maggie the boys went to bed early though) and the boys still got up by 7. I guess that was a reminder of why I shouldn't stay up till 2. Lol! It was worth it good times and good company.
I got a new camera and a new laptop so I should be able to blog easier now. Well once I get all this new stuff figured out. That could possibly take a minute. I am beginning to feel more like my parents all the time. ( You know what I mean technologically challenged.) I am going to work on that. Maybe that could be my New Years resolution. Anyways looks like you all had good holidays. Take care all.