Monday, November 9, 2009

So I am soo late posting my Halloween pics but some of them were so hilarious they had to be posted. Every year Keith's mom dresses up for Halloween and comes to our house and rings the door bell and trick or treats my kids. This year she was Hannah Montanna. It was so hilarious. My kids didn't know what to think about their Grandma. She is too much!! Look at my little pirate. Of course he had to wear Maggies sunglasses with the outfit. They definetly finish off the look. I am certain most pirates wear pink sunglasses. Haha.

This is one of the few pics I have of the 3 of them together. How funny is that. I can never get a good picture of them on Easter morning but on Halloween they all sit still for a picture.

Mags and Sammy! (Connor calls him Sammy boy. I swear he thinks that is his name)

Isn't his handle bar mustache hilarious!!

Anyways better late than never. Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

IT has arrived!!

I have heard about the swine flu for what feels like an eternity now but I am one of those people who chooses not to worry about things until I really have something to worry about. Well guess what the time has arrived. My sister has been sick for a few days now and after my mom has virtually persuaded her to go to the dr today she went. She said they took her temp and it was 104 and they immediately went and got the dr. and put a mask on her. The dr said of course you need to go straight to the hospital and get tested and guess what sure enough it was positive. So now my family is sporting a case of the flu. Yuck!! I guess I like to think that kind of thing won't happen to me or my family but guess what it does. She is doing fine. Getting meds and rest and will be back to new in no time I am sure but it still makes you nervous. I worry that my little niece and nephews will get it and that my kids or Keith and I will get it through our contact with them. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. I am scheduled to have surgery on the 18th and would like to get it over with so I am crossing my fingers that I and my family will be able to steer clear of this. Well keep my sister in your prayers and her family that they will stay healthy and keep a close eye on your family members and kids bc you never now it could be you next!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girls Weekend!!

So this past weekend Maggie and I went on a special overnighter girls trip with her best friend Madi McClure and her mom Stephanie. We left Saturday morning and drove to Louisville and did a little shopping. We took the girls into Justice (a store in the mall) and found them some matching outfits and hats. They thought they were really stylin. Keith has some family that lives in Louisville. His Aunt and Uncle and cousins. His cousin Amber has been one of my best friends for years and I will take any excuse I can to go and visit her. I wish I could move her here to be closer to me. We spent the night with them and as always I wish the trip could have lasted longer. Saturday night was the long anticipated Miley Cyrus concert. As far as that goes the girls loved it. Maggie just was wondering why we couldn't wait to get Miley Cyrus' autograph afterwards. It is a hard concept for a little girl to understand that there are thousands of people around and it would never happen. Anyways I was slightly appalled that what I thought was an innocent role model wasn't quite as innocent as she used to be. Wowzers. Skin tight mini shorts and some questionable dancing are my main memories of that night but the girls really didn't seem to notice to much and as long as they don't try and follow suit I guess we are ok. I just think back to the days when I was Mags age and I really don't remember Tiffany or Debbie Gibson or the New Kids on the Block pulling any of those stunts but I guess that was a whole different era. ( I think it is hilarious that my daughter thinks the 80's was like forever ago. She always says hey mom did they have TV and toilets and things like that in the 80's and I have to tell her yes that wasn't really all that long ago.) After the concert it was off to bed and we got up the next morning and had breakfast with Keith's Aunt Shannon and cousins and then it was back on the road. The whole trip went way to fast. I am looking forward to doing it again soon.
Well while daddy was left in charge of the boys over night Connor came down with the stomach flu. Awesome!! It went through most of the fam before it was finished. But we are all on the mend now..Thank you lord for that. But Keith only got 3 hours of sleep while I was gone. Maybe he will get a new appreciation for what I do. That is not unusual for me lately. Connor is scared of something in his room now so he is rarely sleeping all night. He wakes up screaming everynight. Sam hasn't really been sleeping very well either. Because they have both slept so well for so long I feel like maybe something is wrong so I keep getting up with them. Connor has had the stomach flu so bad I am afraid when he gets up in the night it might be for that reason. Yuck. Oh well I am hoping by age 30 to be able to consistently sleep all night! ( Keep your fingers crossed)
Here are a few pics of our girls weekend.

This is Maggie and Madi at the concert waiting for miley to come out.

Mags wearing her Miley hat!!

Aren't they so cute!!

Ok I had to post this. I was just thinking about wrapping some Christmas gifts and it made me think of what my kids did with my tape last year. There is never a dull moment at our house.
Take care everyone and have a good weekend!!