Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mag Happenings!!

So many times I feel guilty now thinking that Maggie is getting left out. She is so big and independent and the boys are so little and needy. Maggie is at school all day and then comes home and we do homework and she goes and plays Barbies or watches TV till supper and before you know it the night is over and its off to school again. This weekend we are taking her on a special trip to Louisville. Just Maggie, Daddy, and I. We have family there we are spending the night with and the boys are staying with grandma Cathy. We are going to get Manicures and Pedicures with Amber (Keiths cousin) and then we are going to a baseball game and maybe to the Louisville Science Center. Anyways she is pumped for some one on one time and I can't wait to take her. She was five when Connor was born and so we had a lot of one on one time with her for those 5 years and we took her everywhere and did special things all the time with her. We are due now for some special time again. She is getting so big and I am so proud of her. Here are a few recent pics of her.
At the Petersburg Splash Park a couple weeks ago. Why can't I look like that in my bathing suit?? Lol.

Here she is cheering at the game. She loves cheerleading.

This is her first day of school this year. Can you believe she is in the 3rd grade already? Time flies. We were just watching home videos of when she was a baby the other day and I can hardly remember her as a baby. It seems like so long ago.
I have found lately I enjoy blogging if I only post a couple pics at a time. Then it doesn't take nearly as long and I have more things to blog about. I think this maybe my third post this week. I am on a roll!! I want to have my blog made into a keepsake book. Have any of you done that? How do you go about it?


  1. There is a website that does it for you. That is why I started my blog in the first place and never did it yet. But I am determined to do it. Mag is So beautiful. You guys did good. PS can I come to get pedis with you?

  2. Mag is totally a cheerleader--just ask Meredith!:) She was so cute doing it too. I don't think I knew you were taking a lil trip this weekend..have fun! Does that mean you aren't going with us Sat?!!

  3. Had to check out your blog now! :) Maggie is a stick! Don't we all wish we looked like that?! ;) As for printing the blog into a book, there are several websites that offer this service. I've been told it's super easy and most of them load the pages for you after you put in your blog address but then you can go back and edit if you want. My friend Susie made reminded me of a yearbook on the outside...very sturdy. You could ask her what company she used. Her blog is "Graber's Three Ring Circus."

  4. I hope you had fun this weekend! (...and glad I decided not to come home, I would have missed you!) My friend Celeste made a blog book from the website "Blurb". I looked through it a couple of months is really cool.