Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Extraordinary Life!!

As you all probably now already Monday night we lost a very special lady. At the age of 90 Keith's grandma went to be with her babies and our Lord. She had lost both of her children a daughter at the age of 16 and her son at the age of 48. She was a one of a kind lady. She never once missed a program the kids had, a birthday party, a dance recital.... They were there for everything every step of our lives. If we were contemplating a new house, a job change, anything at all we have always called to get her input. She was a classy lady. Always up with the times. She recently told me the next time I went to Evansville to pick her up an outfit like the one I had on. Skinny jeans and Boots with a long sweater. I used to tease her and tell her I hoped I could be a hottie like her when I turned 90. I will miss her laugh and her constant worry about us and how her face lit up when she saw the kids. Her dr told her not to long ago that she was 90 and she needed to be realistic about the fact that she probably didn't have that long to live and her reply was well I can't die. I have to live for my kids. (Meaning us and my kids.) We have had so many good times and memories. This last year has been really tough trying to keep up with the demands of caring for her but I would do it again and again. I just feel such an emptiness right now without her. I know it will get better with time. I just wish I could pick up the phone and hear her voice. I know that she is in a better place and I will find peace in that. We put some pics together of her and Gills made them into a video that you can look at on their website. Check it out at click on the tribute video link that is with her obituary. Thanks for all of the support you have given us. I couldn't make it without all of you.

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  1. I know we don't know eachother well, (and I hope it is ok that I read your blog), but I just wanted to tell you what a touching tribute that was. And I want to send my condolences to you and your family. I hope you can find comfort in the memories of your lovely grandmother. Take care!